1. im a pakistani and i love murli so much that i cant describe it!
    even though he used to take so many wickets of pakistani batsmen but he is a gentleman!would love to see saeeed ajmal and murali!

  2. Just don’t say him as a chucker they are few players on the ground as sportive as murali .He is a legend by his own right .Aim an Indian but still admire him for the way he has single handedly changed Sri Lankan cricket

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  4. @megamixmovies well i found it a little ironic, that you took it out of your time to correct spelling and at the same time made a mistake, slightly hypocritical isn’t it?! oh and umad bro?

  5. @bftsol So what spinner had better averages against those top teams than Murali? Even without those wickets against Bangladesh and Zimbabwe murali still has a better strike rate than warne? what’s your point? Google ‘Murali for Dummies’ if you need a statistical analysis… that’s ofcourse if you haven’t already drunk the Australian media coolaid…

  6. @Thecheongas ICC didn’t change the rule just for murali. They found 99% of all bowlers ‘chuck’. McGrath and Lee had bends of over 14 degree while Murali only reported 12, that too only when bowling the Doosra.

  7. @Sachin5491 I am not Srilankan but I am very big fan of Murli. Osum bowler and a very nice guy so Thumbs up anyway 🙂

  8. @JoeLouJer he does chuck, but i love murali… someone who carries himself with class and dignity. i still don’t agree with how the ICC chopped him out with the 15 degree rule, but hey thats not his fault.

    and i’m fkn australian.

  9. @cooltamilboy – If I could understand that poor attempt at an english speaking comment I guess i could reply accurately so I will just assume you disagree with me. That is fine, those who support cheating will disagree no matetr what – you just continue to reaffirm what we already know but thanks so much for your input 🙂

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