Alastair Cook wants to Settle in England Camp as Player

Alastair Cook doesn’t think it will be too difficult for him to settle in the England camp as a player.

Generally when the international captains step down after captaining their countries for a long time, they leave the game as well with that and don’t continue playing, but, Cook is someone who has decided to pursue his playing career even after stepping down from captaincy.

Cook reckons whenever there is a change in captaincy and the old captain remains in the team, people talk a lot about how he will play under the new captain and how the relationship between the two will be, but, for him, he doesn’t think it will be a problem at all because he has the habit of going back to his county in leisure time and being a part of the team there as a player only.

Even during the time he was at the helm for England, he did not lead his county whenever he played for them. So, it’s not that he is not used to being a player. He is used to it and he can get himself back to that role in England shirt as well. (more…)

Steven Smith might have risen to the top of the world rankings in test match cricket

Steven Smith might have risen to the top of the world rankings in test match cricket, but, Graeme Swann still does not seem to rate him that much.

According to Swann, Smith is not technically equipped enough to be successful at the one down position in English conditions.

Speaking on a channel about Smith, Swann said, “I am yet to be convinced about his technique to be honest. For him to score so fluently over the last year or so, it’s a bit of a surprise, not only for other people, but, probably for himself as well. He will obviously want to keep up his good work, but, a tough challenge is awaiting him if he bats in the top order and the ball does a bit.”

“In the past, there have been some Australian players who had that intimidating touch in them. You talk about Matthew Hayden, Steve Waugh and guys like that. They would make you lose sleep. I am not sure Smith is one of those blokes. Every time you see him bat, you feel there is some weakness.”

Swann might not be that wrong in saying that Smith has not got a perfect technique in the world, but, the performance of a batsman does not depend entirely on technique.

A lot of foreign players, with a vulnerable technique, have come to England and scored runs.

There is no reason, Smith can’t. (more…)